How to write SEO-Friendly article

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Here are few points to remember while writing article for better Google search ranking (SEO)

  • While writing an article identify/select at least 4 keywords which are related to your content.
  • Use these keywords in your article title/heading.
  • Always have sub-headings in your article, always try to include those keywords in your sub-heading.
  • Write a summary description (also called Meta Description) of your article, it should be between 140 - 160 words. Don't forgot to include your keywords. This will be seen in Google search results as description.
  • Your article should not be less than 300 words.
  • If your article has a photo, give a proper caption or Alt text (description of the photo).
  • Use outbound links, also called external links (For example, if you mention ‘Mr X’ in your article, link his name to his personal website or Wikipedia site).
  • Use inbound links, inbound links send visitors to other pages on your website (For example, if you mention ‘Fashion Design’ in your article, hyperlink to another article where you mention ‘Fashion Designer’).

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